Monday, December 16, 2013

Simple,Quick Home Work-Out (Not just for Working Moms)

A quick, simple workout from home, designed for a beginner,  with my kids helping out.  We had a lot of fun doing this for you and we hope you enjoy!  Please remember I am not certified as a personal trainer (yet....) nor am I a fitness instructor or a nutritionist.  These 3 circuits take me about 30 minutes total, with rest time between sets and circuits included.

This home workout consists of three circuits, with some core, some weight and some   It's a combination I use when I'm at home.Each circuit should be repeated 3 times for beginners.  If the number of reps per set is too much, then decrease them.  For some of the exercises, I embedded a link.  You can click on the link for more info on how to perform that specific exercise.

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Circuit #1:

Squat thrusts (aka burpees):
15 each set. The photos above show the position of a squat thrust. 1. Start standing with your feet a shoulder width apart. 2. Squat down, then 3. thrust your legs out (almost like being in a push-up position). Then stand. That is one. Do 15.

Plank: See photo below. Great abdominal/core exercise.  Keep your body like a 'plank'.  Hold for 30 seconds

High knees: 45 seconds
Repeat, 3 time total. Rest between each set. I usually rest one minute.

Circuit #2

Jumping Jacks: 50 count
Reverse lunge: 10-12 on each side
Push-ups: Do ten.  If you need to do the "girl" version, then that's fine!

Repeat all three exercises above so that you do them 3 times total. Rest between each set.

Circuit #3:

Weighted Sumo Squats:  These are like a regular squat, except you stand with your feet a little more than a shoulder width apart. 10-12 reps
Jump rope (you don't really need a jump rope....pretend that's what I do inside): 1 minute
Weighted "forward" lunges (try 5 pounds on each side for a beginner):
12 on each side, so 24 total for each set (See below)

Repeat all exercises above so that you do them 3 times total.  Rest between each set.

Thanks and I hope this helped :)


  1. Can't wait to try it...getting ready now! Thanks so much April!

  2. Anytime, Marcie! Happy to help out :)