Friday, April 22, 2016

Delicately Intertwined

I think of you 
from the time I awake and 
off and on 
if I allow 
my mind to wander.  

Our meeting and parting 
is a tangible expression of what I know and feel  I have always known about you and me, 
something more than my body, 
more than your body,  
something more than my words, 
more than your words.

It is a feeling and it is a thought 
and it is more and less than both.  
And sometimes it is neither and only feels like a memory. 
 It is more powerful than the human expression of love and it is not lust, 
but it is like something of both.  

I try to put into words and I find it impossible.  
I only know that there is something that is the very essence of what is me 
that feels that something that is the very essence of you 
is delicately intertwined.

I hope you can understand:  
I have known you and will always know you despite what events happen in this lifetime.  

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